Photo of a camera filming a team member.

Watch Global Ventures TV

Reality Television Redefined

For years, it has been our dream to capture authentic miracles, ministry and adventure from the “frontlines” around the world and produce a show that displays these things in a cutting-edge way.

This dream came to fruition when Season One of the reality TV show, “Global Ventures” was produced in 2011.

Today “Global Ventures” is impacting the body of Christ around the world as believers from various nations are being inspired to win the lost and work the miracles of Jesus.

GOD TV, Daystar, JUCE TV, Inspiration Netowork

Check your local listings if you have one of the following channels:
GOD TV, Daystar, JUCE TV (TBN), Inspiration International (INI), Alma Vision, Boas Novas (Brazil), CNL TV (Russia), Christian Television Network (CTN), Cornerstone TeleVision Network (CTVN), REVtv.
“I have been watching your TV show for about 8 weeks (Mondays on JCTV). I am just undone by all that I see. This may be the best television programming on; perhaps the best ever. I am astounded at the lives changed, the needs revealed, the diversity embraced, the lies exposed, and most importantly, at the glory and power of Jesus Christ. You are redeeming television and the Internet by opening a window to see how Christ redeems lives.”