Many of us struggle with finding peace, and even more of us struggle with keeping it. Whether it’s the holidays coming up, major life events happening, or this year just taking its toll, you are designed to live a life of peace, and not of anxiety and stress. Join John for Part One of this series and begin to walk in “The Ultimate Peace”.

When we don’t have peace, it steals our joy, our confidence and can even cause sickness. Jesus paid the ultimate price for us to walk in the fullness of His peace. In this episode, John dives into how to obtain this promise and apply it in our daily lives.

God’s peace is unstoppable when we tap into the power that it holds. That’s why in this episode of the Reach, John goes deeper into Peace and how it can change, not only our lives, but entire countries! When we go deep with Him, it takes us from a place of just having peace ourselves to where that peace can permeate our entire being and flow out of us— drastically changing and transforming all those around.