You were designed to impact this world and live out God’s destiny on your life! The storms we face are meant to distract and minimize our effect on the earth. We need to recognize these tactics and also be aware of the power we have; the power of ONE! Join John Smithwick for this new series and be empowered to go through the storm and see “What’s on the Other Side”.

God’s plans are bigger than ours and He desires to use us in the mightiest ways. The storms of life are simply a smoke screen to keep us from attaining all that God has for us. In this episode of The Reach, John will give you the keys you need to gain freedom from your past and find out how to get to the other side of your storm.

The power of ONE life changed, just like in Mark 5 with the demon-possessed man, helps us realize how important each person is and the impact everyone can have. In this episode, John shares about explosive miracles that broke out during a crusade and caused that entire city to be transformed. From salvation and healing, to being set free from the bonds of the devil, the stories from this episode will empower you to impact destinies, live in freedom, and change the world!