The Reach Podcast features John Smithwick interviewing a variety of influencers about relevant issues that the Body of Christ is facing today.

Jim Schmitt | Leadership Through Humility Part 1

Welcome to the second season of The Reach Podcast! In this episode, John is joined by long-time friend and missionary to Ireland, Pastor Jim Schmitt! John and Jim talk about Jesus’ example of what Godly leadership looks like, focusing especially on the important quality of humility! This is part one of a two-part conversation with Jim, and both episodes are full of wisdom, heart, and inspiring insight!

To learn more about the Schmitt family’s church in Limerick, Ireland at!

Summer Series | 2017 Stories from the Field

In this final episode of the summer series (and final episode of The Reach Podcast, Season 1) John is accompanied by the Global Ventures’ International Coordination Director and Missions Trip Director, Dave and Marlana Young! Just days off of the missions field, they all share fresh stories of victory, miracles, and even some challenges where God showed Himself in a very big way! This exciting season-finale is full of heart and hits right at the core of what we’re about!

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Summer Series | Change That Lasts

In this episode of the summer series, Helen and Sarah join John in the studio to dive into the importance of follow-up ministry, working with and through the local church everywhere we go, and teaming up with others to make everything possible. You’ll also hear compelling stories of God’s faithfulness during extended ministry overseas!

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Summer Series | Raising Up Leaders

In the third episode of our special summer series John is joined by Anna and Cory, both of whom graduated The CORE Program here at Global Ventures. They talk about the importance of raising up leaders and hands-on mentorship, both from the leader’s perspective as well as the one being trained. Whichever position you find yourself in, this episode will speak to you!

If you’re interested in The CORE Program, enrollment for the 2017-2018 year is still open for a limited time! Learn more about the program at

Summer Series | That All May Know

The summer series continues with John joined by long-time GV staff member and experienced harvester, Holly! They openly discuss the heart, benefits, and logistics of what mass evangelism projects look like nation to nation. This episode is full of passion, and likely to inspire you to be more involved in harvest ministry than ever!

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Summer Series | God’s Heartbeat

Kicking off our summer series, John is joined by Cory and Mike, long-time Global Ventures veterans. They all open up through personal stories and scripture about how God’s heart for people is shown and how we can exemplify it in our own lives. This episode will help you discern what things in your life could be distracting you from seeing people the way that God sees them, and incite new passion in you for the lost!

Listen throughout this summer as we release special episodes every other week focused on reaching the lost effectively and what global Ventures is doing around the world that you can be a part of!

Jimmy Shaw | God is Setting You Up

This week, John sits down with his friend Jimmy Shaw, founder of the organization Project Doxa and missions veteran, to talk about how God is constantly working behind the scenes on your behalf.  Through their own stories and through Biblical examples, John and Jimmy share about God’s faithfulness and willingness to use those who make themselves available to Him.

To learn more about Jimmy and Project Doxa, visit!

John Smithwick | How to Discern Truth

In this solocast, John discusses how we can discern what is truth in today’s slew of information. It can be all too easy to drown in theories and ideas in the midst of the hype, but it is possible to keep a level-head and stay true to our faith in the midst of culture. This episode will open your eyes to the practicality of finding truth. Below is a list of websites and resources that will help you as well!

Here’s some resource links that you might find helpful while searching for different things. is 70k searchable databases and specialty search engines // news headlines and links to reference resources // has tons of history links including biblical times. // is another study site for ministry and missions. // to access many u.s. govt sites. // for business news material. // is like a very extensive almanac. // for information on unreached people groups and other missions related things. // “The World Factbook” // is a great place to check the validity of articles and information you read online, as well as // Also, check out “The Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook” (latest version available) by Randolph Hock. Happy searching!  Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for all information on any one of these sites:

John and Martine Smithwick | Cultivating a Healthy Marriage Part 2

In today’s world, the stresses on marriages are growing, and Christians are not immune. In this special 2-part session, John and Martine discuss how to maintain a healthy and God-centered marriage. The word of God is full of marital wisdom that we don’t always see in the world around us. We hope this episode give you new perspectives, hope, and a greater understanding of God’s love, no matter what your marital status might be!



The Reach Podcast with John Smithwick features weekly interviews with a variety of influencers about relevant issues that the Body of Christ is facing today.