John Smithwick is the founder and president of Global Ventures. Along with his wife Martine, he has mobilized thousands of short-term missionaries to over 20 nations around the world. They live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with their two sons.

027: Pastor Tony Paul | Walking Out Your Calling Part 1

This is the first of a two-part series that explores the God-given callings on each of our lives. Pastor Tony Paul has been a pastor in the New England area for over 10 years and has witnessed some incredible miracles and healings. He also has extensive experience in coaching people to find their God-given callings. If you are curious about different callings and how you can began to walk in yours, this podcast is for you!

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025: Martine Smithwick | Why Kids Ministry Matters

In this solocast, Martine Smithwick shares about the necessity of kids ministry and how God highly values young people and those who minister to them. Through the Word of God and her own compelling stories, what Martine delves into in this episode is valuable and needed in our churches and ministries today. Whether you are in ministry, have your own children, or simply have children in your life, this message will help and encourage you!

John and Martine Smithwick conduct dynamic and effective children’s ministry on each Global Ventures trip. If this episode stirs your desire to be a part of an upcoming GV trip, you can register now at!

024: John Foy | A Father’s Love

In this episode, John is joined by fellow evangelist and long-time friend John Foy to discuss what love really looks like in the Bible and how it transforms our lives. John Foy opens up about how the revelation of God’s love became very personal in his life after a game-changing encounter. Love is something we all need and can grow in.

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023: Jon Coats | Living Led By The Spirit

In this episode with guest Pastor Jon Coats, we explore essential ways to be led by the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives, from the most difficult situations to simple day-to-day decisions. This episode will help you gain a clearer understanding of the nature and workings of the Holy Spirit in your life specifically, in the church, and in the world.

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021: Holly Button | Finding Your Purpose

Purpose and fulfillment are two things that we all desire in our lives. In this special episode, John and former director of the Global Ventures TV series, Holly Button, define purpose and explore the ways we can find fulfillment in our lives long-term. It does not matter where you are in life or what you may have done, God has not changed His mind about your purpose. This recording will encourage you to go after your purpose with reckless abandon!

To get involved in reaching people worldwide and experience the purpose of God in a new way, check out for upcoming missions opportunities!

019: Pastor Tim Earnhardt | Reaching People Part 1: The Motivation

In this week’s podcast, John sits down with Pastor Tim Earhart to talk about the essential ingredient to reaching people around you. Pastor Tim shares how to share the Gospel out of love and compassion instead of obligation. If you struggle to witness to others or have been soul-winning for years, this podcast is for you!

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018: Dr. Edwin Miranda | Speaking God’s Word Over Your Life

This is the second session between John and Dr. Edwin Miranda. This week, John & Edwin talk about the life-changing power of knowing and speaking the word of God over your life. If you are feeling powerless in your life, this episode will help fuel a new passion for becoming what God has destined you to be – emboldened, effective, and victorious!

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017: Dr. Edwin Miranda | God’s System Vs. the World’s System

In this episode, John and Dr. Edwin Miranda discuss how we can live victoriously everyday no matter our circumstances. They point out differences in the system that world lives by and God’s system that we have access to as believers. You’ll learn about the authority that you have to live in health and at peace. If you need some solid encouragement today, this is your podcast.

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The Reach Podcast with John Smithwick features weekly interviews with a variety of influencers about relevant issues that the Body of Christ is facing today.