In every person, there is a longing for the supernatural. It’s evident everywhere – from Hollywood movies to psychics and Ouija Boards. But God made a way for us to tap into HIS supernatural way of existing – a higher way of living. In this episode, John Smithwick shares of his time in Peru, where he saw with his own eyes the supernatural power of God and how it affected an entire region. Join him as he discusses the topic of “Beyond the Natural” and shows how YOU can flow in His supernatural power and live it out in your daily life.

The enemy does not want people to hear the news that will set them free and will do whatever he can to stop the Gospel from going out. In this episode, John shares stories of how the enemy has tried to come against people all over the world, but by the power and authority that God has given us, we can go “Beyond the Natural”. Join John Smithwick as he dives into Part 2 of this series and be empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God wants to use every one of us “Beyond the Natural.” We were made to be used that way! In this episode, John shares relevant examples straight from the Word as well as stories from his own life on how we, as believers, were made for miracles. Join us in Part 3 of this series as he gives 7 practical steps to unlock God’s supernatural power in and through your life.